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Designer MacGyver: 8 Great Tissue Box Crafts for Cold & Flu Season

With cold season in full effect, you might find yourself reaching for a tissue or two more often. The upside to feeling fluish is that empty tissue boxes are an ideal craft material! The next time you take a sick day, try your hand at one of these tissue box crafts that require minimal effort and supplies while showcasing plenty of creativity.

Tissue Box Pinata

A square tissue box provides the base for this simple piñata idea. Grab some colorful tissue paper and go crazy with the design!

Tissue Box Garland

Tissue boxes often have cute prints and since the eye-catching designs are printed on sturdy paperboard, there are all sorts of crafting opportunities to mine. This easy garland of adorable dots is a perfect example.

Tissue Fire Truck

Combat the sniffles and decorate a child’s room with felt-covered tissue boxes that are attractive to little hands. Be they fire trucks, whales, or even elaborate pink castles, your kids will love to have them on display.

Tissue Box Flower Holder

Transform your basic rectangular tissue box into an elegant flower container with this “grown-up” paper mache tutorial. Newspaper print and golden acrylic paint give it a vintage look.

Tissue box heart frames

More crafting fans are taking advantage of tissue box patterns with projects intended to show off the original designs. A bold box plus some hole-punching and X-Acto-knife skills can create these heart-shaped picture frames.

Tissue Box Monster

Fill this googly-eyed monster with holiday cards or make it more of a long-term organizing fixture in a child’s bedroom. Think about how much more fun putting away Legos would be…

Tissue Box Journal

This sturdy ring-bound journal is a great eco-friendly scrapbooking project once you’ve amassed a small collection of used tissue boxes. Choose square boxes with different prints for a variety of “page” designs or keep things understated with more basic packages.

Wrapped tissue box

Give a square tissue box the look of a woven basket with the tutorial from Diary of a Mad Crafter. This fun, fabric-topped box could be used for just about anything from a bathroom magazine holder to a small eclectic trash bin.

Do you plan on using the sniffles as crafting excuse? How do you reuse old tissue boxes?

Designer MacGyver: 8 Great Tissue Box Crafts for Cold & Flu Season

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