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Introducing Guest Editor Nancy Fire

As design director of HGTV HOME (HGTV’s product line), Nancy Fire is leading a team to produce stunning home decor that encompasses the looks and styles seen on HGTV and If you’ve ever shopped HGTV HOME, then you’re familiar with Nancy’s remarkable attention to detail and her keen eye for what’s beautiful. It’s Nancy’s style and expertise that made the decision to choose her as our first ever guest editor a no-brainer. What exactly is the “ guest editor?” Glad you asked!

This year, our team will be bringing in a few extra movers, shakers and visionaries who possess interesting perspectives on the world of design. We want these industry insiders to jump into the mix of everything we do here at So, we asked Nancy if she’d be our first guest editor, and she happily agreed. Welcome, Nancy! Guest Editor Nancy Fire Guest Editor Nancy Fire

In the coming months, you’ll find Nancy offering her expert commentary here on Design Happens, adding insight on 2014 trends throughout, and even taking over HGTV’s Instagram here and there as she travels the globe. (Catch her this weekend on Instagram while she’s at Heimtextil, Germany’s international trade fair for home textiles.)

For you to get to know a little more about our guest editor, we recently interviewed Nancy.

D-Happ: As design director of HGTV HOME, how do you develop the style of HGTV’s furniture brand?
Nancy: I develop the style by living the lifestyle. Working and living in NYC keeps me current on retail trends, as well as trends that I see traveling to shows overseas and in the United States. As director, I provide direction, support and industry insight into design, style, emerging trends and product development. It’s a position with a wide array of responsibilities, from setting the tone for design and development, to working with licensees in the US. But, whatever I’m doing, my goal is to develop, in partnership with the HGTV team, the overall HGTV HOME brand.

D-Happ: How would you describe HGTV HOME’s look?
Nancy: We have a fresh modern and fresh classic sensibility. We are all about the mix of lifestyles throughout our collections.

D-Happ: How do you apply trends seen at design and textile shows to HGTV HOME?
Nancy: I look for trends with which we are comfortable. Since we are a brand that is true to our consumer, we always keep in mind their lifestyle and how our products would fit into their everyday sensibility.

D-Happ: How do you make more avant-garde displays into approachable designs?
Nancy: I take the beauty that I see in an object and find a way to translate parts of it so that it’s understandable. The importance is to keep what I loved in the first place and filter it into something new. It might be a metallic finish, a new fabric weave or a color combination that is outstanding.

D-Happ: How would you describe your personal aesthetic?
Nancy: I’d say ‘Updated Classic’ —

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